Assimilate Or Go Home by D.L. Mayfield

The author grew up reading stories about great missionaries and she wanted to be one.  She attended a Bible College and when she got out, she started working with a group of refugees from Somalia.  She didn't convert anyone.  Things did not go as she thought they would.  Eventually she became very discouraged.  She persisted in visiting people who were now her friends and did what she could to be of use.  She baked a lot of cakes.  It took several years, but eventually she gained a deeper understanding of God's love and grace.  She gave up trying to be a savior and became a better Christian.

1. Does it make a difference where the refugees came from?

2. What difference did her persistence make?

3. What role does poverty make in the lives of refugees?

4. What was the lesson of the "life lists"?

5. What was the lesson of the cookies?

6. How do you feel about refugees?


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