Nonviolent Resistance by Todd May

This book is about the PHILOSOPHY of nonviolence.  In exploring this topic the author did discuss many of the aspects of nonviolent resistance.  I did learn a few things.  He gave several examples of nonviolent resistance movements and explored what the definition of such a movement entails.  Several of the values of nonviolent resistance were discussed at length.  Finally, the difficulty of economic resistance was explored.  It was difficult for me to get through this book, but someone who was really interested in this philosophy would get more out of it.

1. Why does the author use references to ju-jitsu?

2. What is pragmatic vs principled nonviolent resistance?

3. What is the difference between nonviolent and passive resistance?

4. What is Kant's categorical imperative?

5. What two values of nonviolent resistance does the author discuss at length?

6. Is nonviolent resistance moral and violent resistance immoral?


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