One Church, Many Tribes by Richard Twiss

Native Americans have been evangelized by Christian missionaries for several hundred years with very few conversions.  One who did accept Christ is Richard Twiss.  He is trying to spread the Christian message but he acknowledges that there have been many problems in how white people have treated Native Americans.  One of his biggest concerns is how white Christians have rejected the Native American culture.  Things like drumming and dancing which are central to the Native American culture are not permitted in the white churches.  Syncretism is a concern, but people need to be who God created them to be.

1. What percentage of Native Americans are Christians?

2. Who is Richard Twiss?

3. What percentage of treaties with Native Americans did the US government break?

4. Contrast the Native American view of time with the European view of time.

5. What is syncretism?

6. What is the relationship between culture and religion?

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