Love Casts Out Fear by Brother Nathan

Brother Nathan is an Egyptian Christian.  He is well known as an educator and a speaker.  He and his father were very close when he was young.  Then, when still a young boy, his father was assassinated right in front of him by terrorists.  He vowed to find the man who killed his father and kill him.  He says that for several years there were two Nathans.  One was a good Christian and the other was bent on revenge.  Then he accepted Jesus as his savior and he gave up his desire for revenge.  He went on to become an educator and a speaker.

1. How old was Nathan when his father was killed?

2. How old was he when he accepted Jesus?

3. What happened to his family after his father was killed?

4. Did he and his wife and children stay in Egypt?

5. Where in the Bible does the title of this book come from?

6. Do you think love is the answer to terrorism and the cycle of revenge?

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