Soul Repair by Rita Brock & Gabriella Lettini

The subtitle of this book is "Recovering From Moral Injury After War".  It follows several people who were in the Army and Marines (foot soldiers, a chaplain and a man attached to a missile unit).  It tells how they got into the service, their experiences there and what it was like when they got out.  There is also a lot of commentary on war and its affects on those who participate in it.  The focus of the book is on the toll that it takes on the soldiers' sense of morality.  We have and always have had, people in our society who have been in this situation.  And suicides and PTSD are not uncommon among them.  We need to do a better job of understanding what they are going through and how to support them as they try to deal with it.  We also need to do a better job of understanding war and its' costs.

1. What is Moral Injury?

2. What is selective conscientious objection?

3. Why do most soldiers enlist?

4. What are some of the positive things that soldiers experience?

5. What are some of the negative things?

6. Is "Thank you for your service" a good response?

7. Is the toll on our troops justified by winning the war?