Weird Church by Beth Ann Estock and Paul Nixon

This is another book about the changing Christian Church.  There are three parts.  The first, the Introduction, tells about the book and the theory of Spiral Dynamics.  We are all familiar with the idea of the pendulum; think of Bush to Obama to Trump.  Combine that with advancement and you get a spiral.  For example, in worldview, we have gone from primitive, through strong religious influence, through reason and into a global outlook.  The authors feel that this is one reason that the Christian Church is changing.  The next section details several areas where the church must change its message.  For example, the first chapter "From Fear to Freedom" is about leaving the current climate of fear and moving in to living in faith in God.  The third part of the book describes a number of forms that the Christian Church in the 21st century could take.  Both of the authors are church coaches.  They talk a lot about how the changes relate to God's will.  This is a thoughtful book and a good addition to the literature on the church transition.

1. How are the "colors" of worldview changing in our time?

2. What is "liminal"?

3. Describe three of the possible forms of future churches.

4. What form of future church appeals to you?

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