Wonder by arj Palacio

This is a work of fiction and was recently made into a movie starring Julia Roberts.  August is a little boy with a severely deformed face.  This book chronicles his entrance into 5th grade - middle school.  It is full of the angst and misery that only middle school and high school can engender.  It is also about friendship and standing up for people who need a little extra help.  It is told from his point of view, but also his sister's, her boyfriend's, an old girlfriend of his sister's, and a boy who befriended August in school.  It is well written from the children's and teenager's points of view and it reminds us how difficult communication between children and their parents can be.  It is an excellent book.

1. Was August handicapped?

2. How is kindness a central theme in this book?

3. Why did the "War" between August and his friends and the other boys run out of steam?

4. Who was Daisy and what role did she play?

5. Why was the scene where August yells at his mother and sister and then runs to his room and hides under his stuffed animals significant?

6. Why do all the illustrations of people only have one eye?

7.  Why was the book named "Wonder"?

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