Cut Dead But Still Alive by Gregory C. Ellison II

This is a book for pastoral counselors working with African American Young Men. It is not intended for lay-people. This can be a dangerous area for the untrained. That said, this book is helpful for gaining another perspective on the problems that these people have and ways to deal with them. Cut Dead is a cultural expression which means basically to ostracize. The author's contention is that problems occur because these young men feel unseen and unheard. The counselors main purpose is to give them hope. They may know how to cope with their problems, but they don't see any reason to try. When your education, your home life and your job prospects are poor, life is an uphill battle. There are no easy answers, but thoughtful insight as shown here may help.

1. What is social junk?

2. What is social dynamite?

3. What is countertransference?

4. What is SFBT?

5. As the author states several times, "how would it feel to be a problem"?

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