Ferguson & Faith by Leah Gunning Francis

The author is a teacher at the Eden Theological Seminary in St Louis.  This book is basically about the response of Christian clergy to the events in Missouri after the killing of Michael Brown.  It is at least half transcripts of people's statements and pictures concerning that  situation.  It talks about the clergy's participation in the events and their support of the young activists who were leading the response (without trying to take over) and the role some of the churches played during this time.

This is a tough situation for many of us to understand.  As was mentioned in the book, a white person said "I can't believe this is happening here" and a black person said "I can't believe it took so long".  We don't see the problem.  But (black) people are (still) being oppressed.  The clergy saw it and responded in the name of justice and equality.  Reading this book helped me to understand the situation better.

1. What are four ways that clergy participated in this situation?

2. What is respectability politics?

3. Does it work?

4. What are the three basic tenets of BlackLivesMatter?

5. What does #stayawoke mean?

6. How do you feel about the BlackLivesMatter movement?

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