Walk To Beautiful by Jimmy Wayne with Ken Abraham

Jimmy Wayne Barber was born and raised in North Carolina.  He was abused and neglected as a child and he spent some time in foster care.  At 16 he met a couple who gave him a home and unconditional love.  He went on to become a country music songwriter and singer.  In 2010 he walked from the foster center in Nashville to the foster center in Phoe nix (the Meet Me Halfway campaign).  It was not a continuous journey, he left for concerts and to appear before congress, but he walked the entire way, the last part of it with a broken foot.  The reason for the walk was to raise awareness for foster children aging out of the system.  They often had no skills and nowhere to go.  It is a remarkable story and highlights the plight of children in sometimes dire circumstances.

1. What was Jimmy like as a child?

2. Who was Sparkles?

3. How old was Jimmy's sister the first time she got married?

4. How was Jimmy almost killed as a boy?

5. How did he meet Bea and Russell Costner?

6. Why is the word "beautiful" so meaningful to Jimmy?

7. What part did his talent play in his story?

8. What surprised you most about this story?

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