Jackie Robinson. A Spirtual Biography by Michael G Long & Chris Lamb

Many of you have probably read about Jackie Robinson's career with the Brooklyn Dodger's and how he broke the color barrier in major-league baseball.  This book tells that story but also tells about his background and his life after baseball.  It puts things in context.  It tells about his mother, who taught her children to have faith in God and to be proud of their black skins.  And it tells about Branch Rickey, who enlisted him to play with the Dodger's and who was also a strong Christian.  And it tells about the period after his athletic career when he was a greatly admired role-model.  He was a strong advocate for equality, both racial and religious.  He was probably not easy to get along with; he could be vehement and outspoken; but he was honest, a man of faith and a fierce fighter for the rights of his fellow men.

1. How did his mother show her feelings about equality when she lived in Georgia?

2. Who was Karl Downs and what influence did he have on Jackie?

3. Who was called a cautious revolutionary?

4. What kind of person was Jackie Robinson?

5. What kinds of harassment did Jackie face in his first season with the Dodger's?

6. What is the story about the hoe?

7. How did Jackie feel about President Eisenhauer?

8. Did Jackie Robinson know Martin Luther King, Jr?

9. What part did Jackie Robinson play in the struggle for racial equality?

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