A Lawyer's Journey by Morris Dees

The Southern Poverty Law Center was founded by Morris Dees and Joe Levin in 1971. the Center’s purpose is to defend and provide education about civil rights. They monitor hate groups, provide educational materials free of charge, pursue cases in court and built and maintain the Civil Rights Memorial Center. This book is mainly the story of Morris Dees’ life as a lawyer. During the 70s and 80s, he participated in several cases against the Ku Klux Klan. He believes strongly in desegregation and the rule of law. This book is very reminiscent of another book about a lawyer, “Just Mercy”. However, Dees can and does play hard ball on occasion. He has been threatened with death several times. Several of the court cases boiled down to holding the organization and its head responsible for the actions of some of their members. What you say does matter. Hate is on the rise in this country and the story of how it was dealt with in the past is timely.

1. Where was Dees born and raised?

2. Where is the SPLC?

3. Is Dees independently wealthy?

4. What was the Michael Donald case about?

5. What do you think about this approach to hate groups?

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