Rising Out of Hatred by Eli Saslow

This is a fascinating book.  Derek Black is the son of Don Black, a former KKK Grand Wizard.  Don started a website, Stormfront.com, and a radio show both of which are devoted to promoting the white nationalist agenda.  His son Derek was a rising star in the movement.  He chested the radio program with his father.  Then Derek went to college.  He is intelligent, articulate and personable.  He went to a very liberal college.  At first no one knew who he was, but his background became known.  Most people reviled him.  His girlfriend, who was Jewish, broke up with him.  But several people chose to associate with him.  A Jewish student, who hosted a weekly Shabbat dinner, invited him to attend a dinner.  (And kept on inviting him.)  His  deep conversations with his small circle of friends and the things he was learning were carefully considered.  Eventually he changed his beliefs.  This story ends when he is in graduate school.


1. What is white nationalism?


2. What is Shabbat?


3. Who was Allison?


4. What college did Derek go to?


5. What organization did the white nationalists fear most?


6. Who is Richard Spencer?


7. How did Derek's family react to his change of beliefs?


8. Why did Derek change his beliefs?

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