White Fragility by Robin Diangelo

We are accustomed to think of racism as hatred toward people of another race.  We think of the killing of people in the church in Charleston, SC.  However, this book is about a more subtle form of racism; being prejudiced against people of another race.  In many cases it is probably subconscious.  This book is about the inherent racism in white people.  The term "white" is itself problematic.  And racism is probably something we learned from an early age.  It does not mean that we are "bad".  It does mean that we don't realize how our words and actions affect the other person.  It took a lot of trauma and a lot of years to drum racism into our national psyche.  It will take a lot of effort, discomfort and time to root it back out.  We must learn to communicate better with people of other races.  This is a complicated subject and just reading this book once may just make things more confusing.  But this is something that we need to understand.


1. What is white fragility?  White superiority?   White privilege?  White nationalism?


2. What is the "white race"?


3. What are some ways that we can deal with white fragility?


4. Have you experienced white fragility?

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