Loneliness By John Cacioppo and William Patrick

This is not anecdotal stories about loneliness. Rather it is a comprehensive look at the science of loneliness. The author is a psychologist. The book describes several experiments done to see how loneliness affects behavior. It also includes information about how loneliness shows up in the brain. It speculates on how social behavior might have evolved. It describes how several societies operate; ours and two closely related species. Lastly it offers advice on how to deal with loneliness. It is ultimately about the human condition.

1. What is meant by “obligatorily gregarious”?

2. What does loneliness signify?

3. Is loneliness benign?

4. How does loneliness affect human behavior?

5. What is The Prisoners Dilemma?

6. How can a female chimp stop two males from fighting?

7. Which is better, individualism or community?

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