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Veiling Women (1 Corinthians: Portrait of a Messed-Up Church)

This week gets weird! In order to understand our passage from 1 Corinthians 11, we have to go back to the ancient Watchers tradition, which talks about rogue angels breeding with human women to create a race of giants. When we look at this passage through this light, we all of a sudden see a different view, and we have new questions about how we think about the passage applying to us.

(Not) the Lord's Supper - (1 Corinthians: Portrait of a Messed-Up Church)

We continue exploring 1 Corinthians, which shows us on of the earliest churches in all of their foibles and flaws. This week's story takes up the issue of The Lord's Supper, which has changed from a meaningful rite to a way to exclude and marginalize members of their community. This passage calls us to examine our own rites and religious practices with just as close of scrutiny, to make sure we aren't harming others in our own devotion.

1 Corinthians: Portrait of a Messed-Up Church

Today, we start a 6-week series on 1 Corinthians. This book gives us a unique glimpse into the real lives of a church back at the very beginning that we can learn from. This week, we take on the first 4 chapters, where Paul takes on two themes: not being divided, and the elevation of the powerless in their community. And, we learn a whole lot  that will help us in the coming weeks to understand the rest of the book.