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How should Christians treat others? (Christianity and Politics)

This week, we flirt with disaster—we talk about one of the presidential contenders! To get at the question of how Christians relate to others, we take up the Trump vs. Pope Francis feud from February. This feud highlights competing claims: Trump claiming that only oneself can know the truth about one's faith, and the Pope claiming that certain behaviors can demonstrate that a person is not a Christian. This is the final sermon in the series—which is finally wrapping up, as is this election season!

Should Christians try to make their society into a Christian nation?

This week, we take up an exceptionally complicated question that has all sorts of other questions rolled into it. The part that we take up, though, is how we as Christians should insist that our government should behave. To get at this, we go back to the reign of the Chilean dictator Pinochet. From here, we can get a clearer view of how Christians might be able to hold their government accountable, while avoiding the pitfalls of a society being Christian in name only.

Should Christians all vote the same? (Christianity and Politics)

We take up this week the question of how we should vote. Do we all need to be on the same page? To get at this question, we will look at the earliest formation of the Religious Right in the '70s. They show us one model of how Christians, as a group, should behave. What can we learn from that movement? Should we follow their lead? This is the third in our Christianity and Politics series, leading up to the election.