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Texts of Terror: Women

This week, we were blessed to hear from Rev. Sarah Casey. She continued our series of wrestling with some of the hardest texts in the Bible and trying to figure out what to do with them. She takes up the topic of women, examining how the New Testament has been used to keep women out of ministry and leadership roles in the church.

Refugees (with Amber Blake)

This week, we dive into a very relevant topic—refugees. We start with the story of Jesus the refugee, fleeing with his family into Egypt for asylum. To help us to understand this issue, we are blessed to be joined by Amber Blake of Church World Service. She has a passion for refugee work, and helps us to understand this issue more deeply and how we might engage it as Christians.

Domestic Violence

Today we speak with Amy Sanford-Schmidt of Poulsbo Rotary about domestic violence. What effect has some of the Biblical texts we have received on how intimate partnered relationships play out? How does modern domestic violence fit into that framework? As people of faith, how might we respond to this?

Contemplative Prayer, with Andy Lang

We were blessed this week to be joined by Andy Lang, the creator of the Seattle-based Patmos community. We had a broad-ranging discussion, taking on what we are doing during prayer, how God is within each one of us, and how prayer informs how we interact with society.