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Easter 2017

For Easter Sunday, we dive into a curious text from Jesus, featuring him railing against his opponents. Although not a particularly nice passage, it still does have something interesting to teach us about resurrection, transformation, and bringing forth the new Creation.

The Core of our Faith

Today we take on a portion of the Sermon on the Mount. We start off with a little review from Pastor Colin, reminding us what's in them. And then we switch to discussion on the questions as a church. In this recording, you cannot hear the congregants, but usually Pastor Colin repeats the gist of the speaker.

Refugees (with Amber Blake)

This week, we dive into a very relevant topic—refugees. We start with the story of Jesus the refugee, fleeing with his family into Egypt for asylum. To help us to understand this issue, we are blessed to be joined by Amber Blake of Church World Service. She has a passion for refugee work, and helps us to understand this issue more deeply and how we might engage it as Christians.

The Magi

This week, we talk about the story of the Magi visiting Baby Jesus. But we don't stay at the level of Christmas pageants. Rather, we take a look at how the story contains political statements about how Jesus fits into society, and by extension, how we ought to.

Surrogacy as Salvation

This second week of Advent, we take a look at Mary, mother of Jesus. Rather than solely focusing on her sexuality though (the Virgin Mary), we explore the agency and power she holds as a surrogate for this baby. Looking at the practice of surrogacy in India helps us to understand why, for someone, being a surrogate can lead to the salvation of her people.