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The Future of the Church: Humble

For our last week of this sermon series, we look at humility. More specifically, how the Church, on the level of institutions, fails to heed its own advice on being humble. But the future of the church looks like a deep, integrated humility, which leads to partnering and diversity.

We will now post the discussion questions or reading questions from the service if they are relevant to the sermon. 

Discussion questions:
What about the future of the church scares you? Excites you? Is most uncertain? Has the most potential?

The Future of the Church: Transformational

This week, we examine how the Church is transformational. We begin by looking at the economics of the Church. With our changing world, the Church now has a much higher standard to hit: it must show its effectiveness to earn its keep. The main way that the Church can be effective in its task is through transformation, in terms of individuals, communities, and the world.

The Future of the Church: De-centered

As we continue to think about what the future of the Church looks like, we turn now to thinking about space. Rather than maintaining the church building as the center of our world, we should de-center it, going instead into our communities where we serve and love and live. We can learn a little bit about what this might look like by examining pub churches to see how they work.